The Artivist Workshop

Our interactive "Artivist" workshop uses art to build collective knowledge. The workshop fosters creativity, promotes leadership, and stimulates awareness of social justice issues.

We begin by leading a discussion about social justice issues, civic engagement, and the concept of expressing politic beliefs through art as a form of activism.

In our workshops, we encourage students to engage with social justice issues they are passionate about, such as gun violence, police brutality, environmentalism, and many more. We provide a platform for students to open up and have a conversation about issues that affect their neighborhoods, their families, and themselves.

After empowering students to express themselves, the students then build on those conversations by designing and creating their own t-shirts. We provide t-shirts and supplies, as well as stencils spanning dozens of topics for students to use.

Our workshop can be tailored to any group and our presentation can be adapted to work within an existing curriculum or to build on a class assignment. We can also provide our workshops to bi-lingual or non-English speaking groups.

Pictures from our most recent workshop can be seen here and on our facebook page.

Feel free to share information about the project using this flyer.

Please contact us to set up a workshop or with any questions.